Ramadan Jewellery Pieces That Will Make You Stand Out!

Ramadan Jewellery Pieces That Will Make You Stand Out!

Ramadan tents, buffets, iftars, kaftans, and of course a festive season for trying out new styles! As everyone has their own style, Ramadan offers the opportunity to combine it with something Arabesque, something trendy. Fashion is evolving at an alarming rate, and fine jewelry is keeping up with these fast-moving trends – let's see if you can keep up too! We have short-listed the top Ramadan Jewellery. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the influx of iftar and suhoor invitations. However, sometimes a little inspiration is needed to make a statement appearance that is both Instagram-worthy and drool-worthy!

Layered Necklaces

New to layering? No, we're not talking about layering clothes - living in Kuwait, most of the year we rarely need to layer! The layering we are referring to is for strands of divine diamond, silver, and gold jewelry. This Ramadan goes all out with our top Ramadan jewelry picks. Intricate detailing on these long necklaces shines vividly against flowing backdrops of abayas and kaftans. Layering necklaces and chains give your look a sophisticated edge.
These necklaces exemplify elegance, glamour, and sophistication. Every time you step out, you'll look fresh and different because you've mixed up a variety of textures and cuts.

Bold Statement Earrings

The catwalks have been dominated by earrings this season. Do you want to know why? Earrings make an instant statement, you can overlook a ring or bracelet, but who can pass up earrings? A few centimeters away from your face, which is always the main focus, they dangle. So, make sure your makeup is on point (head over to Sephora first!) and then it's all about the earrings. Our advice this Ramadan is to go for dangling gemstone earrings, chandelier earrings, and arabesque talisman earrings. In that case, you'll be the belle of the ball or the queen of the Ramadan tent!


These new bracelets are sleek, sophisticated, and classy. Why? We need not always make the “hey look at me” statement because hands are always in the spotlight”! It is generally believed that bracelets are too much and we don't want that much happening on our hands! We have introduced a range of lighter day-wear bracelets that follow the minimalistic trend, you can incorporate this in your Ramadan jewelry pieces. A bracelet supported with a light rose gold chain, held by a single diamond with a pastel sundress – wouldn’t that be just perfect for a Girgean? You will look fabulous all night long, in fact you will look fabulous all day long with only one bracelet. Bracelets are also more comfortable than ever before, so much so that you will forget that you are wearing any jewelry at all. The shape of the hand chains loosely follows the natural shape of one's hand making it an almost “ergonomic” choice.

Paired with a color-blocked abaya or kaftan the statement bracelets are absolutely gorgeous!
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